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                         Welcome to Unique Legal Consultancy LTD

ULCL has an aim to provide businesses with the correct legal advice that will help them keep compliance with the law and company will assist businesses in drafting legal documentation such as contract to ensure risk is minimized. The company also negotiate contract on behalf of its customers, to ensure that its customers are getting the maximum benefit of any contract.

                                                            Our mission

It is the mission on the business to ensure that business in and around Northampton have the correct knowledge of legalities that effect their business and are aware of the impact of any non-compliance. As a business ULCL also want to ensure that its customers are “on top “on any legal and regulatory changes and have them incorporated into their polices at the earlier while the minimizing any disruption to service or business.


Negotiating contracts for customers.Drafting legal documents forbusiness.Assessing business polices to ensure compliance.Advising with regards to legal implications for business decisions.Providing legal advice to business (and individuals who want to setup business).

                                               Goals and Objectives

To recruit educated and motivated professionalsResearch and keep up to date with legislation, Regulations and market trends.Slowly increase market share by increasing target market area to the rest of UK

                                                               LEGAL AID

Expert support for successful tendering, contract delivery and compliance.



Build an ethos of continuous improvement and a culture of client care.

                                            STRATEGY & LEADERSHIP

Board-level support to help you achieve your firm’s strategic objectives.



Fine tune your financial performance to develop the value in your business.




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